High-tech development zone aiming to engineer an industrial evolution

time: 2019-04-01
source: Chinadaily·High-tech report

By Yuan Shenggao

The Weifang Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone will support the development of industrial parks in 2019 to provide better services to local companies.

In January, the Weifang government stated in its government work Report that the city will strengthen the development of industrial parks to push forward opening-up and will insist that every industrial park should have a pillar industry.

Weifang’s requirements have pushed the zone’s government to look for ways to support its industrial parks’ growth.

Precision machinery developer and manufacturer Hoaco Automation Technology, which settled in the Weifang Optoelectronics Industrial Park in 2013, has unlocked strong growth potential over the past six years. Its round-knife diecutting machine has occupied a market share of more than 60 percent in China.

In 2019, Hoaco’s value of industrial output is expected to hit 300 million yuan ($44.89 million), according to the company.

Song Guanghui, chairman of Hoaco, said that increasing innovation investment is a key to support its business development, while OIP’s strong support is the other.

“The OIP operators have paid close attention to supporting Hoaco. Government officials strove to help us to solve problems when we experienced difficulties,” said Song.

Aiming to bolster the long-term development of the industrial park, OIP operators have taken a series of measures to improve service quality.

Sun Hongtian, deputy director of the industrial park’s incubator service center, said that the park established on-site offices to overlook services in business incubators and accelerators.

“We maintained‘zero-distance’contact with enterprises to ensure we can help them effectively,” said Sun.

Weifang Software Park is also setting up supportive policies and staff members’ performance evaluation mechanisms to attract more leading businesses. Efforts are also being made to retain businesses.

In 2018, 27 companies settled in the park, of which four are serving as regional headquarters.

Weifang Beida Jade Bird Huaguang Imagesetter Systems Co has become a business pioneer in the zone. The company has established strong positions in typeface design, cultural creativity, publishing resources’ digitalization system development and cloud computing copyright trade.

Qu Hongyan, a product development manager at Beida Jade Bird, said that many counties in China are building up integrated media centers. That pushed the company to develop an integrated platform to support the media’s changing demands.

The companysaidalargenumber of media outlets in China are using the systems they developed.

The software park is promoting a targeted service model to provide personalized services to companies.

Dong Yulun, director of the service center at Weifang Software Park, said that park officials are required to spend at least one-third of work time visiting companies. The requirement allows the park to better understand businesses’ demands, Dong said.

Song Yihang contributed to this story.