Hi-tech industry

Hi-tech industry

time: 2016-08-10

Hi-tech industry is strengthened. Deepening the structural reform of supply and following the innovation-driven strategy, the emerging industries are under major development in this zone, including automobile and equipment manufacturing, acousto-optic electronics, bio-medicine and software & information, new material, 3D printing, life health, mapping and geographical information, E-commerce, big data, cultural creativity, marine sci-tech, with 115 hi-tech enterprises, 14 public listed enterprises, 15 stocks, 9 national and 17 provincial characteristic industrialization bases.

The well-developed automobile and equipment manufacturing industry, led by Weichai Power Industrial Park, Foton Motor Industrial Park, Shenrui Automatic Transmission Industrial Park, and Advanced Manufacturing Park, has attracted 51 enterprises, with sales revenue expected to reach 100 billion RMB in 2020. It is a National Equipment Manufacturing New Industrialization Demo Base and National Torch Program Weifang Power Machinery Industrial Base. Implementing the strategy of Internet + Manufacturing, Weichai Group boasts the most competitive automobile and equipment manufacturer in China with the largest market share in terms of heavy-duty engine, heavy-duty gearbox and luxury yachts in the world. Weichai has restructured some world manufacturers, including French Baudouin, Italian Ferretti, Germany Kion Group and Linde Hydraulics and is expected to step into Fortune Global 500 in the end of "13th Five Year Plan". Foton Motor is building a comprehensive manufacturing base integrated with the R&D of business cars, MPV, engines and auto dies. Shengrui Transmission has established the national passenger vehicle automatic transmission engineering research center and developed the world first FF layout 8-speed automatic transmission and won China Patent Gold Medal.

Acousto-optic and electronics enjoys rapid development. Weifang Photoelectric Park is equipped with National Sci-tech incubator and National Quality Supervision and Testing Center for Electro-acoustic and Solid State Lighting Products. More than 200 enterprises have registered here and the expected output value in 2020 is 100 billion RMB. The national semiconductor LED innovation cluster, national semiconductor lighting demonstration city and industrialization base are titles of the Zone. Goer Tek, an acoustics tycoon, owns the largest market share in microphone, bluetooth headset and 3D glasses industry. Enterprises like Inspur Huaguang Optoelectronics, NovoShine, AOD Holdings, NEW ONE, Zhenming Optotech, HOACO Automation and IPRE are also industry leaders.

There exists great potential in bio-pharmaceutical industry. Weifang Bio-Pharmaceutical Sci-tech Industry Park has set up a National Bio-pharmaceutical Incubator and the first public bio-pharmaceutical preparation platform in Shandong. More than 130 enterprises, including BGI, CHGB, Wohua Pharmaceuticals, 3V Bio-engineering, Neptune Galaxy Pharmaceuticals, and Walsun Biotechnology in the park have formed National Torch Program Weifang Bio-pharmaceutical Industry Base and National Innovative Drug Incubation Base, with the expected output value of over 10 billion RMB in 2020.

Software & information industry explores high-end development. Weifang Software Park and Shandong Geographic Information Industry Base, consisting of Shandong Communication Technology Institute Weifang Branch and National Sci-tech Enterprise Incubator, with 225 companies, including Cvic Se, Pactera, Super Map Software, Zhongdong Media, Welsend, Neo Ocean Software, Enyuan Information, Lovett Homes, and Huaguang Imagesetter, have been approved as National Torch Program Software Industry Base, National New Media Advertising Industry Park, National E-commerce Demo Base, National Geographic Information Industry Demo Base and National Copyright Demo Base. Weifang Cultural Creativity Industrial Park is included in the "gold seed" planning of provincial-level cultural industry incubators, with the introduction of Weifang Cultural Property Rights Trading Center and the establish of Oriental Culture Resources Trading Platform.

New material industry is clustering fast with the construction of Changda New Building Materials Industrial Park and Special Steel Thermal Insulation Materials Park, and the gathering of 20 enterprises, including Weifang Special Steel, Changda, Huisheng, Junfu, Meike and Dayao, etc., and the expected output value of above 20 billion RMB in 2020.

Supporting system for innovative enterprises is complete with 4 national and 3 provincial-level sci-tech enterprise incubators. Weifang Blue Valley of Wisdom is carrying Peking University Yanyuan Science Park, TusPark Incubator, and CAS Innovation Park, public service platforms of Weifang industrial production-university-research docking center and intellectual property operation center, docking the InnoSpring Incubator of Silicon Valley, allocating the 3D printing and advanced manufacturing innovation service platform in Shandong and Weifang industrial design center and 3D printing incubator, gathering R&D and financial intermediaries, including China Academy of Machinery Science & Technology, CEPREI, Qilu equity trading center, etc., practicing a new development mode of "3+1+N" with integration of government-industry-university-research, and building Sino-US hi-tech park, Capital sci-tech platform Weifang base and Sugon big data (Weifang) center.